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Quality Esalen, Sports and Ashiatsu Massage

 Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist

Sports Massage


Treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle; incorporate our:

ESALEN massage,  Mesmerizing, calming and holistic EXPERIENCE

SPORTS massage ,  Pre and Post event with therapeutic stretches

ASHIATSU  Barefoot Deep Compressions using Ceiling Bars

THERAPEUTIC   Med-Deep Pressure Stimulating quickened pace

REIKI Energy work 

 And you get the full 60/90/120 minutes here!

I am an artist, and your beautiful body is my canvas.  After 20 yrs I've developed a skill to read your body like a blind person reads braille, to play your body like a musical instrument, and I'm always PRESENT and in the moment with you on the table.   And I adjust the pressure, pace and temperature in the room and on the table to each clients preferences. You'll never be cold or hot here.                                               

2022/2023 Price List

Full 1 Hour Massage $75

Full 90 Minute Massage $115

Full 2 Hour Massage $160

Full 3 Hour Massage $260

Apt Hours

Mon-Fri: 10-7   last apt 6pm

Sunday: 12-4   3-Hour or 2-Hour apt only.

Sunday hours not advertised hours on Google. Stays booked, please schedule well in advance.  One apt only.


Prices reflect cash price. A 5% charge may be added to debit/credit card payments. Open Early/Late by 30/60 minutes, add $10/20

Replies for apt times via text, e-mail or calls will be returned during business hours. Valid photo ID required.

Please be only 5-10 minutes early for all apts.

Deniese Dietrich, Nationally Certified LMT MA35051/MM11664

2017 Ashiatsu

Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage is a unique holistic experience every time. I am an artist, and your beautiful body is my canvas. Our Esalen Massage elevates your mood and heightens your awareness for the deepest relaxation.  An artful body communication between client and therapist. Its effect deepens the level of connection between therapist and client while elevating your body and mind awareness, producing a hypnotic feeling with it's own rhythm, swing, flow and unique mesmerizing feel and sound. Esalen starts with deep breathing to helps stimulate the brain's natural alpha waves and central nervous system in much the same way meditation does and involves long slow sweeps from head to toe with extended calming pregnant pauses and a 3-D effect.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) to produce a deeply relexing sedative sensation, is implemented in my Esalen massage through subtle sounds in the environment, on the table and with soothing voice.  

A 90 minute or 2 hour or 3 hour apt is required for this medium pressure modality. Esalen Massage is a rare holistic modality with heightened results and a uniquely transformative meditative state at its completion because I stay grounded and present the entire time.  Heated Oils are used with Esalen to enhance sensation.  And only 100% pure Coconut Oil is used. Esalen is also the best gluteus maximus massage in the industry!  You will feel absolutely amazing with Esalen massage. It is unique to the area and a highly specialized modality made to produce a deeply relaxing and invigorating feeling you'll want to experience again and again.   It's a longer apt so schedule in advance.   

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ASHIATSU Barefoot Deep Pressure Compressions.  This modality is scrumptious! The deep pressure compression on your large muscle groups sends the blood coursing through your entire body for an immediate absolute invigorating effect from head to foot. It softens and preps the muscles for the massage while sending you to a deep state of relaxation and priming the muscles and body. A unique modality you're sure to love. Ideally suited for muscular or dense bodies or anyone that craves deep pressure. This is just the deep compression part of Ashiatsu, which is 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the massage.

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REIKE Energy work.   It's a no touch modality that's healing, recharging  and cleansing while raising your vibration.  With years of training and experience from not just Reike but also Pranic Healing and Dr Eric Pearl's "The Reconnection" I'm adept in energy reading and tuning.  Elevating chakras, cutting cords, transmitting vibrations and clearing blocks.  Uniquely mine I can give a "reading" after the session, that's validated by the client. And it's so much FUN!  

Info for LMT's see page 2 for details about my LMT exchange (trade) program. MA35051/MM11664

Sports Massage

Add our Sports Massage to your overall health routine for maximum fitness benefit. For today’s serious sports enthusiasts, we offer Sports massage pre-event and post-event techniques to help boost and condition your whole body. Available in the 60-90 minute session only.  Add therapeutoc stretches to the 90 minute session. 
Get your circulation optimized and your muscles primed before your sports event with our pre-event massaging procedure. Meanwhile, our post-sports massage aids tremendously for your body’s quick recovery.
Sixteen Therapeutic Stretches incorporated. Hot/Cold compresses using moist heat, ice, or hydrotherapy, and quality topical products available for stiff, sore muscles.

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Med-Deep Pressure  It's not deep tissue and it's not Extra Deep.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extra deep, my deep pressure ranges from 8-9. You can add in the 15 minute Ashiatsu deep foot compressions for heightened pressure. That being said it's more than satisfying and the exact amount of pressure for most clients. And,it doesn't hurt!

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Deniese Dietrich

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 We have more than 20 years of experience. Guaranteed superior customer service and royal treatment, you will feel amazing on the table and after the massage for days! After 20 yrs in the industry, I've learned to read the body like a blind person reads braille and to play the body like a musical instrument, and I'm always present and at the moment with you on the table.

NOTE to LMTS, see page 2 for details on my LMT Massage Exchange program!

Learn More About Esalen, Sports Massage, Ashiatsu, and Anma Japanese Foot/Hand massage.  See page 2 

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