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I was vacationing in the Destin area and discovered Spiritual Massage. Have been a long time massage aficionado, but despite an awareness of Esalen, had never had the experience. I booked the 2 hour option which is highly recommended. The studio is very private and serene.
The long gliding strokes and continuous contact, which are key features of the Esalen method, delivered by Deniese’s accomplished hands, created a deeply relaxed, dreamy state, and yet, at the same time, a highly stimulating and sensual experience. Euphoric would best describe my attitude on leaving. Here’s hoping for another opportunity.

- Adam Strath

Denise is an excellent massage therapist. I always feel renewed after my massages with her. I recommend her to anyone who has pain/discomfort, stress, or insomnia (I always have the best night's sleep after a massage with her). Peaceful atmosphere and Denise is always professional. Oh, and she has the most comfortable massage table ever!

- Ebony Alexander

Recently, I was given a massage. WOW, it was amazing. It put me into another world. It was a very clean facility. Denise was extremely welcoming. I received excellent service at a great price, definitely will be going back.

- Brandie Stephens

I totally agree. The massage was a 100% positive experience. A massage was suggested as a part of my healing from a sports injury. Any question I had was answered, and I was very comfortable.

- David M.

This was my first visit to Spiritual Massage and Denise was warm and welcoming. She is a gentle soul with a caring spirit that left me feeling calm and very relaxed. She clearly loves what she does. The massage was done in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and I would highly recommend her.

-Peggy Stone

Massage therapy has been one activity that I have truly enjoyed during my life. All massage therapists use techniques to ensure their clients are pleased during the therapy sessions. In all my years in working with therapists, Denise is the only one that I have experienced that makes sure the therapy session is thorough and totally satisfying. She is an outstanding, sensitive and caring person that gives her all for your relaxation and enjoyment. I’ve been seeing her for a number of years now and hope to continue. She’s the best!.

-Jim R

Deniese ise and me exchange massage professionally. When we are tired we exchange massage. During the massage she has a beautiful relaxing musics that make you falling sleep and relax. With her warm precious hands running down your head, neck, back, shoulder, and whole body massage, all your whole weeks of hard work that made your body tired, I feel relax. After the massage I felt relax and regain my energy. I highly recommend her massage and healing therapy

-Richard Chwa.

Exceptional massage, one of the best I've ever had! Quiet, peaceful, and comfortable atmosphere... Deniese is very professional and her Esalen massage is tops, highly recommend it! I opted for the 1.5 hr session. Hydrate before, but avoid caffeine! Pressure level was perfect. Left me completely relaxed... This massage was much better than ones I've had at expensive spas. Pricing is nice, can adjust to budget if required... Thanks Deniese, will be back for sure!

-D. Bell

I want three benefits from a LMT experience. First I want to make all my tension go away and have my entire being relaxed. Second I want to experience nurturing in its ultimate form. Third I want to be able to experience total peace. Deniese's Spiritual massage is the only massage experience that provides all of those elements. Most importantly I feel like I am getting a massage from someone who really cares about my well being. There is always a real spiritual connection that gives me not only a physical relaxation and erases all my tension, but also she is able to transfer her own peacefulness to me. When our session is over, my tension and cares are washed away. My being is refreshed and I feel like someone really cares about me. The only way you are going to know whether or not her massage works in the same way for your is experience one of her two hour massages and see for yourself what a difference it will make in the way you feel.

-Swan Burrus III

Exceptional hands on massage. Very calm & comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend Denise for your next massage experience. I felt total relaxed anfter a hour and half of her hands on massage.

-Wesley Turner

I had a reconnective healing session with Deniese yesterday and am in shock today at how much energy I have and the wonderful mood I've been in all day. During the session I felt twitches in various muscles and also felt my face heating up. I have had a chronic illness that has left me with no energy and persistent fevers as well as chronic back pain from a car accident. I am excited to see what develops over the coming days and I look forward to going back for the Reconnection. Thank you Deniese (oh and she is awesome and I felt immediately comfortable and at home)

-Jessie Taylor

Denise gave by far the best massage I had in this area and was equal or better than the best massage I ever had in Chicago. She knows what she is doing and will not leave disappointed like I have many times. I highly recommend her massages.

-Bob McMillan

Massage therapy is so beneficial to my physical and mental well being and is relaxing at the same time. I have been lifting weights for over 33 years and a massage by Deniese rejuvenates and helps heal all the sore muscles and joints. I have been to other massage therapist and always come back to Spiritual Massage. She is the BEST!

-Patrick Elkins

I can recommend this as the best massage available in the area. The therapist has many years of experience and will work with your schedule. If you want to unwind after a hard day's work please give Spiritual Massage a chance. Posted by Howard of Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

-Howard Hollister

Have tried many massage places but none has ever lived up to Spiritual Massage. It is a great relaxing experience.

-Manfred Meine

In twenty five years of massage therapy this is by far the finest and you will most likely never find a more skilled and caring therapist

-Steve Walker

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