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Personal Fitness Training Program

Allow Spiritual Massage in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, to provide you with focused fitness training. We also aid you in attaining your wellness and fitness goals.

Personal Trainer Certificate

Fitness Plan

To meet your unique fitness, weight, and training goals, we design a fitness plan for you that also teaches you advanced fitness protocols. We train and help you with the three main aspects of physical fitness from warm-ups and stretches, to weight training with cardiovascular exercises and balance. We also give you the flexibility to start your fitness plan on manageable terms, and increase it to level you feel comfortable with. Furthermore, we can also accelerate the level of your fitness plan when you require it.

Stretch Workouts and Weight Training

To keep your synovial fluid around your joints moving, we provide you with warm-up and stretch exercise to maintain the flexibility of your limbs. Our technique also helps in giving you a youthful stride and erect posture.

Certified Health Coach

Certified Health Coach

Weight Training

As an added measure to tighten and tone your body, we also provide you with weight training exercises. Our training also increases your metabolism to efficiently burn calories and aid in weight loss.

Fitness Assessment

Try our initial fitness assessment today so we can tailor the appropriate training program that targets your individual needs. We offer a free initial assessment consultation as soon as we accept your application. We charge a one-time fee of $240, which comes with a detailed individual fitness plan and three training sessions with our certified fitness trainer.

Professional Coaching Certificate

Life Coaching

When your ready, truly ready to make major changes in your life in areas ranging from health, wealth, self-improvement, self-esteem career, education, goal achievement, relationships or breaking bad habits our quality Life Coaching 3-session is guaranteed to bring results. This process may even be conducted over the phone, and you'll have a completely personalized product in hand you can reuse over and over again to obtain continued heightened results. You can have the quality of life you dream and desire. This service is on sale through 2015 for the reduced price of $499. Ask about our military discount for this service.

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Contact us in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and let us create a specific fitness training program for you with your individual needs in mind.

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