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Soothing Esalen Massage and Muscle-Revitalizing
Sports Massage

Experience a one-of-a-kind serenity with the calming Esalen massage from Spiritual Massage in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. For athletes and people with active lifestyle, we also offer our body-invigorating Sports massage.

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Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage is a unique holistic experience every time. I am an artist and your beautiful body is my canvas. Our Esalen Massage elevates your mood, and heightens your awareness for deepest relaxation. An artful body communication between client and therapist. It's effect deepens the level of connection between therapist and client while elevating your body and mind awareness, producing a mesmerizing hypnotic feeling. Esalen starts with deep breathing to helps stimulate the brain's natural alpha waves and central nervous system in much the same way meditation does, and involves slow long sweeps from head to toe with extended calming pauses and a 3-D effect.  It's also the best gluteus maximus massage in the industry.  A 90 minute or 2-hr, or 3-hr apt is required for this medium pressure modality. Draping may be optional with this modality only. Esalen Massage is a rare holistic modality with heightened results. Draping may be optional with this modality only.  You'll feel a uniqie transformative state at it's completion.  ASMR is used with this modality. 

 Heated oils are used to enhance sensation. And only 100% pure Coconut Oi l is used!  Esaeln is also the best gluteus maximus massage in the industry! Draping optional with this modality only. Minimum 90 minute or 2 hour apt  (Please schedule longe apts well in advance). Combine with a hot invigorating shower to maximize benefit, when available. (Add $10). You will feel absolutely amazing with this modality. It's unique to the area and a highly specialized modality made to produce a deeply relaxing invigorated feeling you will want to experience again and again.  See home page for more details.

Sports Massage

Add our Sports Massage to your overall health routine for maximum fitness benefit. For today’s serious sports enthusiasts, we offer the Sports massage pre-event and post-event techniques to help boost and condition your whole body. May be combined with a 15 minute Ashiatsu deep foot compression.  60 or 90 minute only. 

Get your circulation optimized and your muscles primed before your sports event with our pre-event massaging procedure. Meanwhile, our post-sports massage aids tremendously for your body’s quick recovery. Sixteen Therapeutic Stretches incorporated. Hot/Cold compresses using moist heat, ice or hydrotherapy and quality topical products available for stiff sore muscles.

Spiritual Massage

This modality is a must have for you sports and work-out junkies; just as essential as stretching to aid quick recovery and healthy bodies. You'll want to incorporate this modality to your overall health and work out routine on a frequent basis to maximize your health benefit. Add a hot invigorating shower to maximize the benefit, when available. (add $10)

ASHIATSU Barefoot Deep Pressure Compressions.  This modality is scrumptious! The deep pressure compression on your large muscle groups sends the blood coarsing through your entire body for an immediate absolute invigorating effect from head to foot. It softens and preps the muscles for the massage while sending you to a deep state of relaxation while priming the muscles and the body. A unique modality you're sure to love.  Ideally suited for muscular or dense bodies or anyone that craves deep pressure. I only do the deep compression part of Ashiatsu which is 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the massage.

ANMA Japanese Foot and Hand Massage NEW!! Enjoy an hour or more of deep relaxing Foot and Hand massage. Great for relieving tired or stagnant feeling feet, arthritic hands or healing injuries.  It's as relaxing for the heart, mind and body as a full body massage and the best part is there is no undressing required.  

Bellanina Face lift Massage A great add on for a fun spa day with lasting and dramatic effects! Before and after photos are taken that proves the positively uplifting effect of this warm and pampering procedure.  Hot towels, trigger points and uplifting stokes to tighten and firm while softening the skin for a radiant glowing complexion. The Bellanina signature Honey Lift product is a unique part of the process that's like no other.   A pack of 3-5 is recommended for sustained gradual results but you'll see immediate results after the first pampering session.  Feels luxurious!


Medium-Deep Pressure. It's not deep tissue.

Try our deep pressure massage when your muscles are feeling, sore, and tight. Our deep pressure massage technique places extra emphasis on your various muscle groups. To give you an energetically uplifted feeling, our massage procedure unblocks the sacral spinal fluid’s flow as it relaxes your spine. Additionally, we place pressure on the pectoral muscles to get the lymph nodes flushed and optimized, while aiding lung capacity and assisting flow to the coronary arteries. Our deep pressure massage differs from deep tissue in that it doesn't hurt! Our deep pressure is deep but if youre wanting extra extra deep deep you'll only find that in the Ashiatsu barefoot compression part. Our deep pressure massage keeps your body energized for 24- to 48-hours.  This is a medium deep pressure modality.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extra deep, my deep pressure is 8-9.  Available only in the 60-90 minute session. 

Ultra Light Massage And Or Swedish Massage

UltraLight is a superficial topical massage and a huge stress relief. It completely calms your central nervous system while stimulating your skin sensations and uses fingertips or fingernails.  It's relaxing on a whole other level, This modality can be oil-free. The Swedish is a light touch massage with lighter pressure and totally relaxing on the table.

*****Therapeutic Stretches*****

Complement our  90 minute or longer Sports massage or Med-Deep pressure massages with over a dozen therapeutic stretches. Feels amazing! Extremely beneficial for limberness, mobility, agility, posture, gait and stance. Get your good posture back!

2-Hour or 3 Hour-Long Massages

It's your birthday, or not! Pamper yourself today with our  2-Hour or 3-Hour long massage session. It's actually quite popular, so go ahead treat yourself, you deserve it. Our longer massage sessions are exponentially more therapeutic, because it relaxes your heart rate for extended periods of time. Longer massages are highly recommended for cardio patients, clients with stints, bypass or heart monitors. It can be effective for blood pressure issues, diabetes and other health isssues.  We recommend scheduling well in advance for longer sessions. Two and Three Hour massages are medium presure Esalen massage, therapeutic or Swedsh only. A 15 minute session of deeper pressure, Ashiatsu, stretches or enery work may be incorporated.

Therapeutic Energy Work (Reiki) and Reconnection

At Spiritual Massage we're qualified and fully trained in several healing modalities. Pranic healing Levels I-III, Reiki Levels I-II and The Reconnection complete certification from Dr Eric Pearl. See the Reconnection websites for full details. This is a no touch modality and I give a reading afterwards. See Home page for more details.

What I Don't do. Prenatal massage, sessions under 60 minutes, accept Insurance payments, deep tissue, or any modality not listed above. I respond via text, call or email during business hours.   Sunday apts 2 or 3 hour sesions only, 1 apt only.  Most clients rebook and I stay busy so I encourage clients to schedule in advance especially for longer sessions.                

LMT Massage Exchange Program. If you're an active Licensed Massage Therapist,  LMT and interested in exchanging massages call to see if this is a good fit.  Schedule well in advance. Provide license.

Contact us in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, for more details about our relaxing Esalen massage and rejuvenating sports massage.

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